STRIKE MVMNT, the original movement brand.


Established in 2012, the athletic footwear and apparel brand merges technical performance with a classic aesthetic.

Built on the underlying philosophy of unity through movement. The UNITED BY MOTION® tagline is the soul of the brand and expressed through the support and inclusion of all movement modalities, sexes, ages, races, and orientations. 

This message of unity and positivity resonates with a broad range of people across the globe who want to move beyond the status quo. We are defined by inclusivity. Together we are United By Motion.

STRIKE MVMNT designs all products on the foundation of Intelligent Minimalism™: Versatility for broad-spectrum performance that meets both the technical and casual expectations of a new generation of movers and athletes to create NEW ATHLETIC STANDARDS®.


UNITED BY MOTION® = Unity through movement. Inclusivity of all movement modalities, sexes, ages, races, and orientations.

INTELLIGENT MINIMALISM™ = Perfect balance of versatility and protection for broad-spectrum athletic performance.

NEW ATHLETIC STANDARDS® = Quality. Performance. Timelessness.