Pettit is widely recognized as one of the world’s best backcountry professional freestyle skiers.  A full time Whistler resident, the Quebec native moved West at the tender age of 7 and began his foray into the mountains surrounding Whistler B.C.   One of the youngest additions ever to the Red Bull team, Sean has been featured in prominent ski flicks by Matchstick and Poor Boyz since his video debut at the age of 11 in Pop Yer Bottlex.

Staying on top of his game takes physical preparation, athleticism, training and a willingness to invest into his capacity. STR/KE provides Sean with footwear that meets or exceeds his tolerance for superior cross-training qualities while aesthetically meeting his demand for good-looking product.

“We are excited to be working with Sean for a multitude of reasons.” said Dominique Morisset, Co-Founder and Director of Global Marketing for STR/KE MVMNT.  “He’s all about pushing limits and being progressive within sport and in business.  A solid and loyal individual with deep roots to fellow skiers and snowboarders who has recently taken an entrepreneurial step forward in his professional career by launching his own video production company: Superproof Inc.

“His connection to and understanding of our UNITED BY MOTION theme comes naturally. He’s an amazing athlete on and off the mountain, as a skier, skater, and more.  He is driven by a love of mobility and an active lifestyle, which equally defines us as individuals and as a brand.“

“I’m amped to be part of this.  I love the shoes.  I live in them, workout in them, travel in them and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the brand. Product wise, I’m also excited to be working with a brand that falls outside the direct scope of skiing but complements the sponsors I work with.  I have a lot of interests and feel that STR/KE MVMNT will be another great conduit for my lifestyle.”

Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool.

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