Although STRIKE MVMNT has no formal affiliation with CrossFit HQ there is a strong chance some of you were first introduced to our shoes in one of their affiliated gyms.

To say that we are disappointed to hear that CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman, made crass and insensitive comments that dehumanized the murder of George Floyd is an understatement. The impact of his comments was further amplified by CrossFit HQ’s failure to publicly acknowledge systemic racism and the anti-racist movement across the U.S. and around the world.

If you know our brand well, then you already know that we have always taken a firm stand for equality and against racism.
Our UNITED BY MOTION tagline is the soul of STRIKE MVMNT for that reason. We recognize the importance of movement when shared with others as being the foundational unifying force that builds bonds across the full spectrum of the human experience. It is deeply rooted in our belief system and a driver of genuine action towards the inclusion and support of all races, ages, sexes, orientations, and movement modalities. 

Through this conviction and in support of our athletes and gym owners in the CrossFit space, we must voice our intense objection to the nature of the comments made by Glassman and the indifference with which they were made.

The strength of the community that formed around the CrossFit brand name lives beyond it. Our community is inclusive and supportive in the face of overcoming challenges and adversity – cheering each other on, not tearing one another down. 

Together we remain UNITED BY MOTION as we stand with BLACK LIVES MATTER in the fight for equality.